Journal Day 6 – Marijuana Hangover recovery

When I woke up today, I felt great.  After quitting marijuana for 6 days,   my morning energy and mindset is improving.  My mind is much clearer than a week ago!  I used to smoke weed primarily at night, and it is almost a guarantee that I would fall asleep stoned or burnt out…..That seems to carry over into a mediocre sleep and a tough wakeup in the morning.   My marijuana hangovers rob me of energy and a positive attitude in the morning.  Sometimes my eyes looked stony, even if it had been hours.

When I take in a full breath, the top of my lungs hurt a little bit, I don’t know if that is from quitting pot, being more aware of my body, or from the exercise I have been doing in the past couple of days.   Maybe they are being cleaned out.

Starting a couple of days ago, I was experiencing significant anxiety and nervousness…This hasn’t happened to me before when trying to end my marijuana addiction.   I have had a very stressed out 2 weeks, so I think the marijuana withdrawal played a small role in this overall mental state.

I haven’t had any major cravings yet.  In my case, those don’t start for a little while.   I have stayed away from the pubs and thus the party.  It is a lot easier to quit when you aren’t surrounded by it.

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