Journal Day 6 – Marijuana Hangover recovery

When I woke up today, I felt great.  After quitting marijuana for 6 days,   my morning energy and mindset is improving.  My mind is much clearer than a week ago!  I used to smoke weed primarily at night, and it is almost a guarantee that I would fall asleep stoned or burnt out…..That seems to carry over into a mediocre sleep and a tough wakeup in the morning.   My marijuana hangovers rob me of energy and a positive attitude in the morning.  Sometimes my eyes looked stony, even if it had been hours.

When I take in a full breath, the top of my lungs hurt a little bit, I don’t know if that is from quitting pot, being more aware of my body, or from the exercise I have been doing in the past couple of days.   Maybe they are being cleaned out.

Starting a couple of days ago, I was experiencing significant anxiety and nervousness…This hasn’t happened to me before when trying to end my marijuana addiction.   I have had a very stressed out 2 weeks, so I think the marijuana withdrawal played a small role in this overall mental state.

I haven’t had any major cravings yet.  In my case, those don’t start for a little while.   I have stayed away from the pubs and thus the party.  It is a lot easier to quit when you aren’t surrounded by it.

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  • vinxhin Porsche November 26, 2011, 1:06 am

    To be candid, there is only one way to end your misery if u have weed hangover. Its to quit smoking weed altogether or u would end up losing it. Weed hangovers build up anxiety and/or panic attacks. The first symptom of this is your anxiety and then there is this fear that you are losing your mind. Its not normal and must be addressed immediately or you would end up in a psychiatrist’s hospital. The good news is that the fact that you have anxiety at all means you are yet to lose it but, though, you are on the verge of insanity. The fact that you are able to try to control yourself means you have not lost it yet. Some would tell you that if you continue to smoke weed, you would get over this. But that is completely false. Smoking more would only make you feel more spaced out, disoriented and eventually your anxiety , having built up substantially, would cause you a flip-over. And bang, you are psychotic.
    Here is the one solution, quit smoking. In a couple of days to weeks, your receptor cells in your brain would start to regain their functionality. This stems from the fact that smoking weed spaces out your brains cells in a chemical sort of way. So quitting would shorten the gaps of communication between these cells(I think this is what they call synapses or something)
    I used to smoke weed and got spaced out with a bad hangover that lasted 10 days. I felt I had lost my mind. My life generally got fucked up until I decided to stop smoking weed. With time and with conscious effort at reminding myself that I was not losing my mind, I got better bit by bit. I have my life back now and I am happy for it.
    To quit is possible and the plane of reality of marijuana is fake and false anyway. So why live in fantasy in the first place? Only cowards are afraid to face life’s realities squarely. I know no one reading this today is a coward. If u were a coward, you would not have experimented with weed anyway. But continuing in it and trying to deny reality is cowardice.

  • Aj December 2, 2009, 4:42 am

    I smoked on Saturday and I have only been smoking for a couple months today is Wednesday and I still feel a little high I’m having trouble concentrating eating and I can’t sleep someone please help me I don’t know wat to do

  • dave October 5, 2009, 10:56 pm

    what i find is while quitting is that i start to dream again very intensely. when i first quit some 7 years ago,i had very strange dreams-i saw a therapist but he didnt know what was i laugh when i look back but back then i really thought i was losing it. i had panic attacks etc.overall its like saying bye for now, old faithful friend-you were there when i broke up, you were there when the others were out drinking , you were there when i watched a movie,you were there when i wanted to be alone, you were there when i didnt want to go out,you took care of me-most of you wont disagree but those who have never experienced it wont understand…anyways good luck to all who are wanting to quit pot.

  • pak October 22, 2008, 10:03 pm

    Great site. Im trying to quit a 3rd time in last 5 yrs and have been puffing every day for 18yrs. Anyway, was wondering if you get terrible migrane like headaches, cold sweat, sweaty palms and greasy hair like me.

  • brady August 5, 2008, 5:06 pm

    Your “marijuana hangover” is probably because you haven’t been getting enough sleep, Try sleeping in an extra hour and find out how much sleep your body seems to find necessary. And personally i believe your marijuana “addiction” is a fixation you have. 1 in 20 regular smokers is actually addicted and the symptoms are typically mild and never physical.

    Although i don’t know your situation i don’t believe Your anxiety was brought on because of quitting marijuana. I once thought that my anxiety was brought on by marijuana but the truth is that anxiety is completely controlled by yourself. You’re fixating on sensations and feelings (ex: your lungs) that are completely harmless and cannot hurt you.

    I would suggest finding a good hobby or something you can enjoy by yourself outside of your living arrangements. For me it was cycling and wood work.

    Hope I could help.

  • sergio April 22, 2008, 10:02 pm

    I feel like that and i’ve only smoked like only this 4:20 weekend. I feel like shit from this sunday blazed out till now and it’s tuesday.
    I think it is an addiction, I noticed that my mind is sub-consciously attached to the feeling of the high and wants more.
    It’s not the exercise homie, I work out alot: 200lbs 5ft. 9in.
    and running machine until i tried pot a couple of days ago, it has made me wake up with horrible hangovers and i gotta go to school all fucked up:/ if you get any better tell me how the fuck did you do it?

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