Marijuana Withdrawal Symptoms – What Marijuana Detox is Like

Are you trying to quit and going through Marijuana withdrawal?

You are not alone. Many heavy weed smokers go through some form of withdrawal when they haven’t smoked recently. This page describes the physical and psychological symptoms of withdrawal from marijuana. I should know – I smoked weed for close to 10 years before I learned how to kick my addiction to marijuana. Knowing what to expect will help you succeed!

How Long Does Marijuana Withdrawal Take?

Most people who experience marijuana withdrawal symptoms get them between the second and tenth day of quitting weed. Symptoms can last for up to a month in some people. The most intense withdrawal period will be the first week to ten days after you quit smoking marijuana. Different symptoms will resolve themselves at different rates.

Remember that each day the negative symptoms will decrease until you are physically and mentally free from THC! When you know what to expect, you will be well equipped to deal with it!

Marijuana Withdrawal Anxiety

The most common symptom of withdrawal is a low grade anxiety. Although not severe, this feeling is not easily remedied by through distraction or just thinking happy thoughts. In my opinion, the anxiety felt when detoxing from weed is a combination of fear of being sober, and desire to return to a stoned state of mind. It’s almost like your mind is saying “Things aren’t normal, I don’t like this new state”. As you become accustomed to not smoking and the new state of mind, the anxiety will fade.\

Insomnia, Sleeping, and Dreaming

Whenever I quit smoking weed, I would always have disturbances in my sleep. In the beginning the insomnia can be quite severe. The worst for me was about 4 hours sleep in 60 hours. I have heard of some people sleeping less than 5 hours every night, but the worst of the insomnia symptoms tend to disappear about a week after quitting.

The dreams that you experience during marijuana withdrawal can be very intense and vivid, and many people (myself included) have had crazy end-of-the-world nightmares. When you smoke a lot of pot, you tend not to dream as much, or at least not remember them, so getting used to dreaming and interpreting dreams takes some time. I have found that my dreams stabilize after about a month, and the bad dreams subside within the first couple weeks.

Change of Appetite and Weight Loss

Another common marijuana detox symptom is the lack of an appetite. I have met a couple people who need to smoke before they eat. When they quit smoking, they don’t have the desire to eat. It’s almost like they needed the munchies to eat food.Let’s face it, marijuana withdrawal stresses the body out, and when you get stressed, you can lose your appetite and lose weight. The weight loss has got to be the best benefit of detox!

Cures for Marijuana Withdrawal Symptoms

The best cure for Marijuana Withdrawal Symptoms is time and patience. Having a plan to get through the withdrawal and avoid relapse is also one the keys in learning how to quit smoking marijuana.

Need Help?

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  • BP December 3, 2014, 9:41 pm

    I started smoking at 15 and have pretty much smoked everyday since then (I’m 28 now). However, in the past 6 months, I was working on a farm and had access to copious amounts of bud, in which time i was smoking more than 10 bong loads a day, commonly mixing dabs in as well. I would have never in a million years believed marijuana withdrawal could be so painful. I’m currently on day 7 or 8. The loss of sleep and appetite I can understand. However, the anxiety and nervousness, flu like symptoms (extreme hot and cold, body and muscle aches, sore throat) were totally unforeseen and damn near unbearable. Not to mention the night sweats and insane dreams. One of the only things getting me through this are searching online and finding sites like this. It’s very reassurring to know that all of these symptoms are pretty typical of heavy marijuana users. I encourage everyone to keep sharing their experiences. Thanks guys!

  • chuck b December 7, 2014, 2:14 am

    55 years old and smoking regularly for 40 years. Day 20 and I am going through hell. Got a prescription and an ounce of promo stashed. Its 2am again an I can’t sleep. I can finally eat again and gave good bowel movements. Eatinf like a horse now. But god do I miss sleep. It was not only my crutch, but my politics. Heavy and well known in Canadian legalization movement. But for personal reasons I am quitting. I am finding some solace in Church. Problems with marriage. Wife hates pot but is an alcoholic. I find I just don’t give a damn about anything anymore and feel I have wasted my life on pot. I am hoping I can get a night of sleep.

  • Mel December 8, 2014, 8:50 am

    After smoking daily for 20 years i am having pretty severe axiety… im on day 5 and at times i feel great and other times i feel horrible, anxious like you wouldnt blv.. but I must stay strong. My wd symptoms are so bad my doctor prescribed Celexa ana Xanax for 30 days… i hate pills and tried to forgo the pills but an axiety atfack just cameout of nowhere so..i had to take a xanax. Dont be ashamed to see a doctor to get help with the withdrawals and staying sober. Who knew quitting weed would be such a beast!

  • Diana December 10, 2014, 5:56 pm

    I have been a daily smoker for the past 15 years. This past week, I came down with a virus which affects my lungs and can’t smoke even if I wanted to. I have been wanting to quit for quite some time but because of the withdrawal symptoms, I’ve been putting it off. I am a singer and have lost lung power because of of smoking.
    Right now, because I am sick, I can deal with the withdrawal, but I want to be strong in my resolve to quit. I want to figure out how to be naturally high again. Thanks for being there.

  • Chuck B December 13, 2014, 8:24 pm

    An update from previous post. At about day 25 eating good and sleep is a lot better. I have always done Karate. But I always liked the double buzz of endorphins and thc. But the endorphins are ok on their own. 4o minutes of karate is kind of like a pot buzz but you just cant do it all the time. Helps sleep though. And so does doing weights. I had one dream where I was at a resort and they were giving away free pot. Figures. I did relapse once in these 25 days. and I am drinking some beer. But I do manage to stay away from that ounce of primo in my filing cabinet. Somehow I find it easier to quit because I want to rather than because there is none there. Kind of a security blanket I guess. I have given up a lot of things that used to interest me and cancelled e subscription to thinks I used to find interesting. Now I just could not give a damn. I am thinking about doing some writing – perhaps I can write a novel instead of reading one buzzed.

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