How more and more people who suffer from it are using CBD as a complement to treat it – due in large part to the growing number of successful anecdotal reports on the CBD. Today we are going to analyze some facts about the CBD oil that every person with fibromyalgia should know. Let’s thank for this awesome information and let’s get started.

What is Industrial Hemp & How will it help?

1. First, CBD is a cannabinoid of both hemp and cannabis. It is one of the 111 cannabinoids that contain these plants, of which the most famous is not psychoactive, which means it does not place. Although it is still being investigated, current evidence indicates that CBD is safe for human consumption.

2. The effectiveness of CBD is not clinically proven – although initial research on the effects of CBD is highly promising. It is important to understand that all success stories are anecdotal, and although it seems to improve the situation of many fibromyalgia sufferers, it is not a cure.

3. CBD Oil is legal in the European Union, provided that it is produced with certified and regulated hemp. This guarantees that it does not contain illegal levels of THC – which in turn would make all CBD oil illegal (CBD Cibdol Oil is made with legal, organic and certified European hemp).

4. The quality of the CBD that is sold on the internet may vary. For this reason, it is important to know the content of mg per bottle, to know its content in relation to the entire bottle. It is also a good idea to look for certified analysis tests. For example, we analyze all our batches in the laboratory to ensure that you know what you are buying – this can be seen on our website.

5. There are two types of CBD: the CBD and the CBD-A. CBD-A is a precursor of CBD; it is believed to be less active than CBD and, therefore, less therapeutic. More research is needed on the properties of CBDA to know what it can and can not do – although some initial results show that it has beneficial effects.