Hello, my name is Alex Gregorian I am the owner of marijuana addict, I lived in St Petersburg for 20 years before moving to London where I discovered crypto currency back in 2010. I have also been interested in trading on the stock market, but I failed many times and lost a large sum of money at the time, but I still had 15 bitcoins in my account since they were pennies at the time so I started trading cryptocurrency where I learned and mastered my skills, Since then I have accumulated over 100 bitcoins and now I live a wealthy life. I love cannabis and hemp products so I started my own research laboratory and this very website to find out the truth about CBD products, do they really work? I’ve been travelling and taking CBD products for the last 3 years and I will review the best CBD brands on this website. Last year I moved to Ireland where CBD is quite popular nowadays but many brands are not lab tested so I am here to find out the best brands to buy in Ireland. My mission is to test the quality of each CBD product in Ireland and US and compare them so that you can buy the working product. Subscribe and follow me for more news.