Welcome dear readers, This website is all about cannabis investing opportunities so bellow we will kick it of with top 3 cryptocurrencies to invest in 2018.

What is prohibited in some countries, in others – is allowed, and in the third – is the norm? Yes, we’re talking about marijuana. Among the crypto-currencies there are a lot of different coins having a concept or not having anything. Some crypto-currencies are launched by commercial companies, and some are tied to a particular community / market. In this review, we will consider crypto-currencies created based on the marijuana market. Cannabis seed banks are everywhere, grow shops are everywhere, the herb is being legalised everywhere, right now is the best time to invest, so hop aboard for a fantastic breakdown.

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CannabisCoin (CANN)
Developed as a payment solution for marijuana sellers in regions where strongest weed strains are legalised. According to the idea of ​​the creators, 1 CANN = 1 gram of marijuana. Moreover, behind each coin there is a real gram of the product created specifically to support the coin.

Based on the idea of ​​the creators, the cost of 1 CANN should vary from $ 10 to $ 20 USD – this is the range of prices for medical marijuana in the US, depending on the state, pharmacy and brand. However, at the time of writing this material, we managed to acquire CANN at a price of 12,000 Satoshi, which is about $ 0.04 in dollar terms.

Or in the market of medical marijuana since the launch of the coin, there was a strong dumping, or investors assess the altcoins differently. Marijuana Abuse has been on the rise recently.

At the same time, the creators talk about linking the value of the coin to the price of marijuana, including in order to find the real value of 1 gram of the product. Roughly speaking, according to the idea of ​​developers, if 1CANN does not grow in price to $ 10 and will cost, for example, $ 1, then people will be able to buy marijuana cheaper by investing in a coin. This is a very bold move, which with a certain amount of luck can seriously raise the rate of CannabisCoin in the next two years. All that is required from the creators is to stock up with medical marijuana and not let investors who want to buy a product for a crypto currency.

CANN, like other crypto-currencies, is based on the Bitcoin protocol, but can be produced by the hardware capacity of the middle consumer class. In other words, CannabisCoin cannibalization is much simpler than bitcoyne.

  • Launch date: May 2014
  • Algorithm: X11, protection against ASICS
  • Maximum emission: 106 million coins
  • Reward per block: 105 CANN
  • Official website: http://cannabiscoin.net/

Potcoin (POT)
Designed to become a means of payment for the trade of legal marijuana around the world. At the time of writing, the value of Potcoin was 974 satoshi. The maximum cost for the entire period of the existence of coins is a little more than 3000 Satoshi. Potcoin is quite popular in Ireland and we’ve heard that you’ll be able to buy CBD vape oil & Hemp products using this very crypto currency.

Unlike CannabisCoin, the coin value is not fixed by the cost of the product. First of all, the creators are trying to create a payment tool for sellers and consumers of medical marijuana, taking into account the increasing legalization of this product in developed countries. According to the developers, this will allow the cannabis community to avoid the traditional problems associated with bank transfers and protect its market from macroeconomic problems.

Currently Potcoin accepts 37 companies, which are listed on the official website of the Altkokin. For sellers who are willing to accept Potcoin, a special loyalty program has been developed. There are also loyalty programs for developers and distributors of the POT idea among sellers.

  • Date of launch: January 21, 2014
  • Algorithm: scrypt
  • Maximum emission: 420 million coins
  • Reward per unit: 420 POT
  • Official website: http://www.potcoin.com/

MaryJaneCoin (MARY)
Launched in late September 2014, was called to become the head of the cannabis market due to its attractive design, support for anonymous transactions and a special training line for beginners. Otherwise, this crypto currency is not much different from its kind.

The market’s reaction to the launch of the crypto currency and the current situation on the stock exchange are also interesting. On October 9, the cost of MARY was only 170 satosh, which was almost 9 times cheaper than POT and almost 100 times cheaper than CANN. But already on October 14 the price increased to 700 satoshs and on October 16 it exceeded 3000 satoshs. Such growth is a normal situation for the new crypto currency, since the market has not yet determined the value of coins, and the recession can be no less intense and profound.

  • Start date: September 2014
  • Algorithm: x15, protection against ASICs
  • Maximum emission: 15 300 000
  • Reward for the block: 700 coins
  • Official website: http://maryjanecoin.com/

The situation with marijuana-coin in general is very interesting. Such forks attract great attention, therefore active communities are formed around them. Significantly, to some extent, cannabis-coins carry the mission of marijuana legalisation around the world. In fact, using thematic forks, you can invest in the world market of medical marijuana, as international calculations become more and more relevant in this area, and the market itself is constantly growing.

By the way, it would be interesting to know how officials interpret the storage of, say, CannabisCoin by a user who lives in a country where marijuana is still outlawed?
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