CBD, also known as ‘cannabidiol’ is an increasingly popular natural remedy that researchers are finding new benefits for regularly. Some of the most promising studies are on CBD oils impact on pain management. Websites like CBDOilGeek that espouse the benefits of CBD are popping up everywhere. Below, we will be going over what makes CBD vape oil effective at dealing with pain.

What Makes CBD Vape Juice Effective:

  1. Interaction with Neurotransmitters

One of the main ways CBD oils can reduce pain is by interacting closely with neurotransmitters that transmit pain to the brain. It is capable of doing this because the neurotransmitters end up binding to the CBD receptors in your nervous system rather than reaching the brain. This helps to take away the sensations of pain.

  1. Reducing Inflammation

Another good thing that CBD oil is capable of doing that can help with pain management is to provide anti-inflammatory benefits. Inflammation can increase feelings of pain. Therefore, by decreasing inflammation, it is capable of helping one minimize the amount of pain they experience. This makes it a particularly good option for those that might be suffering from joint inflammation which is resulting in joint pain.

  1. Works Like THC

One of the best things about CBD oil is the fact that it works much like THC that is regularly found in marijuana, but it does so without causing the subject to get sensations of being ‘high.’ As a result, it offers a lot of the same benefits without the drawback of getting high. This alone is making it a very popular alternative to other kinds of pain management treatments.

  1. Very Little Side Effects

Another good thing to like about CBD oil is the fact that it does not cause any significant side effects. Unlike a lot of the pain management medications on the marketplace, CBD oil is all-natural and it does not cause any side effects nor does it have addictive properties.

  1. Natural

As noted previously, CBD oil is completely natural and derived from hemp oil and/or the marijuana plant. Because of this, it is typically used by alternative medical professionals to treat pain. However, the more studies that come out that prove it is an effective all-natural remedy for pain management, the more you can expect it to gain traction in the traditional medical field. Many civilizations have used hemp and marijuana to help minimize pain.

It has shown to be effective at treating a lot of different types of pain including inflammatory-induced pain and even sciatic nerve pain [1]. Therefore, there is not one simple use case for using CBD oil for pain management. It even showed a significant ability to help those that suffer from pain related to multiple sclerosis as well. Therefore, there is promising research on it being a viable option for all kinds of pain management.

Overall, CBD oil is truly gaining steam in the medical industry. As an increasing number of studies continue to come out, you can only expect it to continue gaining traction as a viable pain management alternative to some of the much more harsh medications on the marketplace.


[1] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17157290