Cannabis LEDs are the latest technology in lighting and achieve up to 90% more energy efficiency than incandescents. But the central question is, ëwhat are they? What makes them so efficient?’

Unlike your traditional light, the marijuana LEDs have microchips through which an electrical current passes illuminating the microscopic light surfaces to produce light. To avert issues caused by heat, the lights have heat sinks that disseminate it away.

Cannabis led lights do not fail or burn out like other varieties. What they do is have lumen depreciation where the light decreases over time. Their lifetime is based on a prediction when output reduces by 30%.

Size and Shape?

Innovations in materials have allowed the manufacture of LEDs that resemble the traditional light in color, shape, and size ñ this is even after incorporating the heat sink into the design.

Light Emission of the Cannabis LED in Comparison!

Typical colors include blue, red, green and amber. For the white color, different colors LEDs are combined. Alternatively, a phosphor coating transforms the light to a familiar white color used in homes. The colored varieties are used as indicator or signal lights.

A CFL works when an electric current reacts with gases as it moves between electrodes in the tube. This produces UV light as well as heat. CFL contains a phosphor coating to make the light seem white.

The incandescents have a metal filament which when heated becomes hot and produces light. As a result, a massive chunk of their energy is heat.

How are LEDs better than other Varieties?

LEDs are directional meaning that they emit light in a single direction. They are more light and energy efficient than CFL and incandescents and ideal for a number of applications.

The Weed LED Lifespan Claims

You will find LED bulbs with such claims as 15000 hours or even 50000 hours lifespan but is this even real? Or itís just marketing hyperbole?

Well, in the majority of cases, manufacturers utilize stress-testing measures on the light bulb and its components and then project the data on the probable lifespan. To tell you the truth, their primary goal is to get the product moving, and what better way is there than this?

The projected lifespan is in the majority of cases an educated guess. That is why you should always believe a lower figure like 10000hrs than a higher one like 30000 hours ñ go the conservative way.

Quick TIP – Best CBD Oil Products are grown under LEDs

Manufacturers of CBD Oil in Ireland and the US have claimed to grow their cannabis under LED lights, more potency and bigger yields have been reported from growing under this amazing technology which has advanced beyond the scope.

The Options

We are living in the age of smart devices, and that has extended to our homes. If the prospect of smartening things out in your home excites you, then there are good options like the Philips Hue LED kit. Other color-changing LEDs include Tabuís Lumen Color Smart Bulb.

The Weed LEDs flaunt a host of features that may excite anyone. There are those with a music-sync mode and simple scheduling among others. But the emphasis on smart features easily takes the eye off the ball. Forgetting about the basic functionalities is easy.

When it comes to color changing, the Philips Hue is good at color changing. It can easily mimic the incandescent as it has the majority yellow diodes. The bulb also does well in giving off the blue light as does Lumen LED. However, the latter has an apparent purpler glow than Philips.

On the bottom line, Lumen is a better party light than Philips based on the quality of various colors. But Philips takes the lead overall and in mimicking the traditional incandescent light.