How more and more people who suffer from it are using CBD as a complement to treat it – due in large part to the growing number of successful anecdotal reports on the CBD. Today we are going to analyze some facts about the CBD oil that every person with fibromyalgia should know.


1. First, CBD is a cannabinoid of both hemp and cannabis. It is one of the 111 cannabinoids that contain these plants, of which the most famous is not psychoactive, which means it does not place. Although it is still being investigated, current evidence indicates that CBD is safe for human consumption.

2. The effectiveness of CBD is not clinically proven – although initial research on the effects of CBD is highly promising. It is important to understand that all success stories are anecdotal, and although it seems to improve the situation of many fibromyalgia sufferers, it is not a cure.

3. CBD Oil is legal in the European Union, provided that it is produced with certified and regulated hemp. This guarantees that it does not contain illegal levels of THC – which in turn would make all CBD oil illegal (CBD Cibdol Oil is made with legal, organic and certified European hemp).

4. The quality of the CBD that is sold on the internet may vary. For this reason, it is important to know the content of mg per bottle, to know its content in relation to the entire bottle. It is also a good idea to look for certified analysis tests. For example, we analyze all our batches in the laboratory to ensure that you know what you are buying – this can be seen on our website.

5. There are two types of CBD: the CBD and the CBD-A. CBD-A is a precursor of CBD; it is believed to be less active than CBD and, therefore, less therapeutic. More research is needed on the properties of CBDA to know what it can and can not do – although some initial results show that it has beneficial effects.

What are the E-Liquid CBD?

Everything that surrounds therapeutic and medicinal cannabis is changing and evolving rapidly, every day we are surprised by new studies and discoveries. These findings imply that cannabis can be used with more and more applications.

Lately, new types of medicinal extractions are coming onto the market. These are the E-Liquid CBD, new products with high levels of CBD cannabinodes, which are also presented with very pleasant flavors.

CBD is a cannabinoid that can be consumed quickly, discreetly and efficiently with an electronic cigarette, although there are also special vaporizers for this type of extractions. Its consumption in vaporizers offers a very deep and pleasant experience.

E-Liquid CBD

A product created to vaporize and inhale with electronic cigarettes or e-CIGS, created as an alternative to tobacco.

To buy

The vaporizers for E-Liquid are portable electronic devices, specially created to enjoy the aroma of your favorite essences in an easy, comfortable and practical way.

With these vaporizers you only have to support the lips and you will suck a very high amount of vapor. Normally they have a regulator that adjusts the steam output in case you want to aspirate a smaller amount, thus it is valid for any user.

Flavors and concentrations:

We can find recharges of E-Liquid, with these recharges we will take advantage of the medicinal properties of cannabis in a simple way, since we only have to buy the recharge and introduce it in the vaporizer’s loading chamber.

You can find different concentrations of CBD, so that they adapt to the needs of the consumer, the weakest concentration is 30 mg.

This concentration can be used to relieve muscle and bone pain. To alleviate and treat stronger illnesses such as fibromyalgia, Crohn’s syndrome or schizophrenia, higher concentrations of up to 100 mg are needed. This high concentration produces a rapid and immediate effect.

There are different flavors which allows us to choose the one that best suits our tastes, since they are very similar to the flavor that their name gives them. With the different flavors it is intended to create a new experience whenever you change and try a new flavor.

Its aromas and flavors have been created from terpenes, the compounds that provide the smell and flavor in the different varieties of cannabis. They occur at various levels of CBD concentration.

Kush Mango: Provides a fruity flavor, which shows a nice combination of citrus flavors with other duces. Leave a great aftertaste to mango after exhaling the smoke.

Og Kush: It also provides citrus notes, but with greater intensity than any other, it comes to present a flavor very similar to that of its original genetics, simulating nuances that will remind us a lot of the fuel.

Super Lemon Haze: Provides a flavor very similar to the Kush Mango, although it has the most marked citrus notes, with a great intensification of the lemony touch.

Original: Its flavor is classic and combines nuances of cannabis Old School, with a great resemblance to field and mountain and a citrus ending full of soft notes of Hash.

Strawberry: Provides delicious and sweet strawberry flavors.

Composition of E-Liquid:

The E-Liquid are mainly composed of propylene glycol, an oily liquid that is obtained by hydration of the propyliene oxide. It is a 100% organic compound, colorless and insipid, which is used to give body to this type of liquid, being the main responsible for the steam.

Some E-Liquid have some presence of nicotine, although most lack this presence, therefore it does not produce any kind of dependence.

Within its composition we can also find vegetable glycerin, a compound that is responsible for the density of the steam.

It also has natural terpenes that provide the marked and original flavors, making its resemblance to the original taste is maximum.

Other forms of use:

There are other types of users for this product, such as those who make drawings with smoke. The steam that it offers is so dense that clouds can form and you can make different drawings with it easily. It is a way that grows every day.

Each time we can find more videos on the internet of users who are dedicated to making shapes with puffs of smoke or forming O of all sizes.

It is also often used by those who use electronic cigarettes but have already quit nicotine, but they still need to take a puff from time to time.

With this type of product your aspirations will be much less harmful than the aspirations of the usual liquids for electronic cigarettes.